Topographic Surveys Kingsbury London

Topographic Surveys Kingsbury London

Topographic Surveys Kingsbury London Castle Surveys Limited are one of the fastest growing multi-disciplinary surveying practices in the UK. We provide specialist surveying services. Topographic Surveys Kingsbury London.

Have you ever seen men in yellow vests, with what looks like a javelin painted red and white, and looking through what looks like a microscope? 

If you have, then what you saw is most likely Topographic Surveys Kingsbury London. Without them, many major constructions would not be standing where they are now. 

They measure and determine the distances and boundaries between different properties. In this article we go further to determine what they do and the importance of their work should you intend to hire one.

What They do?

They provide a clear picture of your land. They help you measure your land or property. And they do this by representing both natural and man made features on the map. You can see the hills, valleys, roads, masts and everything caught in the tract of land that is yours represented on the map. 

They reveal changes from the past

Ssurveyors can also help you see how well the property you are purchasing or have purchased has changed over a period of time. 

They provide information that may be hidden from plain sight. For example, they can represent on a map areas on the land that used to be drainages, roads, or even where there used to be a river. 

They assist the building engineers

It is also Topographic Surveys Kingsbury London job to assist the engineers working on a construction. In fact, without a surveyor’s input, work will grind to a halt.  They assist engineers with insight into creating designs that are suitable to the peculiarity of your property. With their help, engineers know if your land will be suitable for a mansion or a terrace building and so forth. 

They help resolve boundary issues

If you have ever had boundary issues with a neighbor you probably needed the help of a surveyor. And if not you may need one should there arise differences. 

It can be anything from disputes over the ownership of a tree to if your wall encroaches on your neighbors property. 

You need the service of a surveyor to help resolve this issue. Using special instruments and training he’s received he measures and prepares a map that shows the demarcation between your properties. 

They tell you what to do or not

If you are considering building a home on your land, you need Topographic Surveys Kingsbury London to help you access the land to find out if the land is suitable for building, and to help you know the impact the new construction will have on the topography or terrain in the future. 

Are there topographical challenges on your property, things like steep hills nearby, conditions caused by man made influences? Then you need a surveyor to help you determine what the best of course of action is. 

Get a licensed surveyor

Before hiring a surveyor, make sure he is licensed, experienced and has proof of his expertise.  Do not go off hiring the cheapest surveyor you find as that may lead to errors that may cost you more in the long haul. Check for directories in your locality, or ask around the area where you live for the best hands.  Do a background check on the surveyor before engaging the person, ask to see jobs they’ve done before.

Understanding what Topographic Surveys Kingsbury London does helps you know what to expect from them when you hire one.