Utility Surveys Ardleigh Green London

Utility Surveys Ardleigh Green London

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Every construction project needs Utility Surveys Ardleigh Green London before the operation commences. 

Utility Surveys Ardleigh Green London Even when a contractor’s ultimate aim is to deliver a construction project within the set budget and deliver them on time, it is essential to avoid issues or challenges that may impede the smooth journey of the operations and make them spend more. 


This is where a surveyor appears in the picture. With a them, contractors don’t have to worry about underground existing utilities that could cause havoc to their project during construction. 

However, that is not all they do. In this article, you will learn who they are and why you need them during your construction project.

Who is a Utility Surveyor?

Just as its name implies, Utility Surveys Ardleigh Green London conducts a survey of a particular site to discover buried utilities – electricity cables, water pipes, gas pipes, telecommunication cables, sewage pipes, and other obstructions – before the commencement of the project at the site. This creates room for the modification of designs by architects before damages are done. Through sophisticated technologies such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR units) or electromagnetic location technology, they map out the areas of these existing utilities to prevent potential damages. In the next section, we shall take a further look at why you need one for your project.

Benefits of a Surveyor for Your Construction Project

  • Completes a Project on Time

Having a surveyor enables developers to complete projects on schedule. With the existing utilities mapped out, they take into consideration the potential impact of locating any of these utilities and do all to avoid them. This allows them to complete the project on time while preventing any action that could incur additional costs or prolong the specified deadline. 

  • Health and Safety

You never can tell what is buried underground. Whether it is gas pipes or electricity cables, it is essential to avoid hitting them due to the hazardous damage they can cause not only to the project but also to your staff. To get this done effectively, underground Utility Surveys Ardleigh Green London are the best individuals for the job. Through sophisticated technologies and increased knowledge, they map out locations with existing utilities to ensure the safety of workers and the public during construction activities. 

  • Prevent Costs

Unexpected surprises are common during construction projects. However, as a developer, you can reduce the chance of having a risk as long as you have the full visibility of the area you intend to work. This isn’t possible without the help of a surveyor. They map out the areas consisting of these ground obstructions to prevent the tiniest error that could cost your company a lot. Since they understand the impact of hitting an underground utility, they give the company enough visibility of the site to prevent them from becoming liable to potential damages that could cost them a lot to repair. 


Utility Surveys Ardleigh Green London are essential to every construction project. Employ their service today to mitigate your chance of having unforeseen circumstances and bear unreasonable costs.